Gold holograms

The hologram covers part of the front and back of the card case label.

Invisible UV ink overlay

This UV ink security feature prevents forgery and manipulation of the card case label.

Micro text only visible under microscope

You will be able to view the micro text either side of the QR code using a microscope or large magnifying glass. The text repeats the word PGC.


The label is printed on specialist diamond watermarked paper. 

Embossed gold foil

The PGC logo is embossed in gold foil on the front and back of each card case label.

Non sequential card numbering

All of our card numbers are randomly generated and therefore non sequential. It is our opinion that sequential numbering could hypothetically be taken advantage of. For example, if it is known that someone owns a card with the card number 123456789, then it is fair to assume that the card number 123456788 has a very high probability of being owned by them also. By using random generated, non sequential numbering, we prevent the release of this information and therefore provide another layer of security.

QR codes and advanced online database

Using a smart phone camera or any QR code reader, you are able to scan the QR code on the rear of the card case, taking you to the database. The database lists key information on the card and also shows high resolution scans of the front and back of the case. Therefore it can always be checked that the card matches the card on record. For example, if a card graded an 8 is for sale online, it may have some distinguishing specific features on the photos listed. Perhaps, some slight whitening on the edges. This can then be compared to the scans on the database. It is our understanding that most other card grading companies do not incorporate scanned images on their database. Some companies have databases, but these most commonly only list key features, and do not normally provide any card scans. Please also note that if you ever want to sell your cards, card scans can also be used for online listings, saving a lot of time and providing high quality professional imagery. 

Grading environment and shipment

Cards are stored and graded in a clean, humidity controlled and ionised environment. Each graded card case is also individually placed in a protective plastic thin transparent sleeve. Cards are wrapped in bubble wrap and then secured in shipment packaging. 

Additional security features in every slab

As well as all of the above, there are some additional features that we have not released information on publicly. We have kept this information confidential, should the very unlikely event arise that it is ever required.