How to submit cards

  1. Decide on cards: decide what cards you would like to us to grade.
  2. Each submission can be for as many cards as you like, there is no min or max quantity.
  3. Pay for submission: payment is made on the submit cards page of the site.
  4. Pack your cards: after making payment on the website, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain a bit more information, a short submission form to fill in about your cards, and the PO box address to send cards to. Please make sure you package your cards with adequate protection. We do not take any responsibility for cards in transit to our offices.
  5. Please try to send all cards in penny sleeves and semi rigids. If you are unable to pack cards as such, we can accept cards in penny sleeves and toploaders. We will try to return all semi rigids and toploaders to customers along with your graded cards, but we do not return penny sleeves.
  6. Fill out your submission form that was sent to you on your confirmation email and make sure all information is accurate. Please make sure to put this form in with your cards that you send to us. If you do not have access to a printer, you can write the necessary information on paper and include this with your submission instead.
  7. Send your cards to us: cards must be sent with a tracked delivery service of your choice. The specific type of delivery is up to you but we would recommend Special Delivery as it comes with high compensation cover, and the ability to pay more for higher cover. We do not take any responsibility for cards in transit to our offices and you do so at your own risk. 
  8. Card arrival at our offices: once the package has successfully been delivered you will be able to see that on your delivery tracking notifications or emails, with the delivery company you chose to use. We do not send confirmation of receipt emails so please track your item for confirmation of arrival. Please note that some delivery companies do not deliver to PO boxes. Our delivery address is a PO box.
  9. Grading: your cards will be graded as swiftly as possible. Once the grading and packaging process is complete, you will be automatically sent an email, notifying you that your cards have been picked up by Royal Mail and are on their way back to you. They are sent with Royal Mail Special Delivery with additional compensation cover paid for up to £2,500 per package. Special Delivery usually arrives within 24 hours but are not delivered on Sundays.
  10. Cards returned to you: when your cards arrive back with you, we understand that the opening experience and finding out what grades you received, is a very important part of the grading process. For this reason, we have made our packaging as aesthetically pleasing as possible to make the experience a special one. All graded card cases are individually sleeved in protective plastic sleeves, bubble wrapped and packed in shredded paper much like champagne packaging. Our cardboard boxes are also protective and premium. We hope you enjoy your card opening experience and we thank you very much for using our services and hope we can grade more of your cards soon.